Expertise through know-how.

acb’s management has relevant experience of real estate funds, real estate management companies and other investment vehicles, process management and IT-based processes.

acb GmbH - Oliver Brust

Oliver Brust

Oliver Brust is Managing Director of acb GmbH. Before the Business Management graduate joined acb in 2010, Oliver Brust was Financial Controller of an American corporation and Senior Accountant at IVG Institutional Funds GmbH and Oppenheim. 

acb GmbH - Markus Rüger

Markus Rüger

Markus Rüger is a Managing Partner and founder of acb GmbH in 2009. After graduating in Business Economics, Markus Rüger was responsible for accounting and administration in different companies. Among other roles, Mr Rüger was Group Leader at IVG Institutional Funds GmbH and Oppenheim Immobilien – Kapitalanlagegesellschaft GmbH.

acb GmbH - Pirol Yilmaz

Pirol Yilmaz

Pirol Yilmaz is a Managing Director of acb GmbH. The graduate Business Administrator joined acb in May 2017 following longer periods of work, including a role as Managing Director IT Management at IVG Immobilien AG and Regional Manager with a consulting firm specialising in outsourcing and digitalisation projects.

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Our professional role.

We are the central contact point for all stakeholders involved in an investment.

acb GmbH Wiesbaden

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