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Managing Complexity

Real estate investments tend to be extremely complex – governed by the most diverse regulatory requirements, within a constantly evolving product environment and dealing with different interest groups coupled with complex data and information.

We wish to support German and Luxembourg investment fund companies in dealing with these diverse requirements, to enable our clients to focus on what really matters – after all, at acb, we believe that added value can be created by strong partners focussing on their respective core competences.

We therefore help newly established investment companies as well as established firms to implement their own strategies. This is possible with the aid of a comprehensive portfolio of services based on a production model, unique on the market, which maximises benefits for our clients.

Apart from coordinating and communicating with all stakeholders, it is also acb’s task to combine all the technical and logical data associated with an investment on a single platform, to manage it consistently (aggregation, segregation etc.) and ultimately transform it into on-demand information relevant for the investment decision.


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acb GmbH Wiesbaden

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