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An impressive and integrated portfolio of services.

acb’s range of services covers accounting, financial control, risk management and reporting for fund initiators and investors who invest in domestic and international real estate portfolios.

The specific portfolio of services is tailored to our clients’ specific requirements and can consist of the following sub-services:


  • Complete and comprehensive fund accounting under German and Luxembourg investment law including share price determination

  • Capital management and investor reporting

  • Separate financial statements for domestic companies under respective national legislation

  • Property and lease accounting

  • Regulatory and statutory reporting

  • Central point of contact and coordinator for all the stakeholders involved

Our clients always have a highly qualified and experienced Accounting Manager as a responsible point of contact who manages all accounting activities for the entire portfolio and is a one-stop guarantee of quality assurance.

acb Gmbh Wiesbaden

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acb GmbH Wiesbaden

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