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Your future at acb.

Exciting work with a value-orientated employer.

We are setting standards in our industry with market-leading and future-centric IT solutions, thanks to our employees and their excellent professional expertise combined with their willingness and enthusiasm.
The long-term development of our employees is an integral part of how we regard ourselves as a value-orientated employer. Project-based work with flat decision-making hierarchies with individual staff development measures is your guarantee for versatile career prospects in our company.


We offer a working environment in which you will feel at home and be able to develop your skills:

Flexible organisation of working time

We offer a working time model that goes beyond the usual flexitime arrangements.

Performance-based pay
Your performance is the basis for acb’s success. That’s why we remunerate our specialists and managers with a performance-based remuneration scheme.

Promoting our employees
We promote individual development potential through targeted training measures.

Reconciliation of work and family
A positive work-life balance and strong family awareness is firmly anchored in our corporate culture. We are therefore actively committed to reconciling work and family life.

Our management mission statement:

Personnel management is a central prerequisite for acb’s performance. To achieve this, our managers adhere to the following principles:

  • We set personal examples and act as role models.

  • We work as a team.

  • We think and act in an entrepreneurial manner.

  • We accept management responsibility.

  • We communicate transparently and comprehensibly.

  • We continuously develop.

Our values:

We derive values from our professional understanding of our role, which we use as a yardstick for our everyday work:

  • Our experience, reliability and quality shape our solutions.

  • We achieve our goals with flexibility, expertise and communication skills.

  • Our success is based on efficiency, honesty and transparency.

  • Our strength gives us the courage for innovation, networked thinking and integrated action.

  • We make use of our individual skills and incorporate them in team work.

  • Our diligence when handling critical data is evident at all times.

acb GmbH Wiesbaden

What we expect from our staff:

  • A high level of customer focus and reliability

  • Independent work ethic

  • Commitment and team spirit

  • Active involvement and identification of opportunities

Your career with acb.

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